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People Ask All the Time How We Started

 Mother Mills began with the idea that everyone deserves great home-cooked food. With today's busier lifestyles leaving not much time for the kitchen, families have instead resorted to convenience meals, grocery store boxed or frozen meals, canned food, microwave meals, and, of course, take-out.

 For over 30 years, my passion has been cooking for & feeding people. I grew up in the South on the Texas/Mexico border so Mexican food is very near and dear to my heart, and that is why you see a lot of Mexican influence in my cooking. I'm an old fashioned cook, where everything is made from scratch. I like for the food that I make and serve to be hearty, flavorful and I want it to leave a lasting impression on you. I want it to spark a memory of maybe your mom's or grandmother's cooking, back to a simpler time when everyone gathered around at dinner time and passed the biscuits and gravy around the table.


Over the years, I've often heard, "I wish I had time to cook from scratch," or "I don't cook because I don't know how, or I just don't enjoy it." Then an idea began to form... What if I took my most popular recipes, supplied & measured out all the necessary dry ingredients, and included easy-to-follow instructions so folks could enjoy home cooking in their own homes in less time and without all the hassle? What started out as making just a few mixes for friends & family, soon turned into many. And so began Mother Mills Southern Comfort Food Mixes...

Our Mixes

Several of our mixes come from old family recipes, many generations old. We take pride in our mixes. We use only the best quality

 ingredients that we can find to achieve the texture, flavor, consistency, and superiority that we are looking for within each mix. Our goal is that you the customer, get PERFECT results each and every time. 

Each mix comes with an ingredient list of the items you'll need to complete the included recipe, easy-to-follow instructions, and sometimes flavor variations, serving ideas, tips, and/or slow cooker options. Our mixes come packaged either in old-fashioned muslin bags, tied with raffia bows or clear see-through bags...

all perfect for gift giving!